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Arora Aromatics- Top DL–Menthol Manufacturers in India

DL-Menthol, also known as racemic menthol, is a key ingredient used in various industries for its distinct properties. At Arora Aromatics, we, one of the best DL–Menthol Manufacturers, offer high-quality DL-Menthol to meet your specific needs. This natural compound, extracted from mint plants, offers a refreshing touch with its characteristic cooling effect and minty aroma. Perfect for cosmetics, personal care products, aromatherapy, and even food applications (with caution), it adds a functional and delightful element to your products.

What is DL-Menthol?

DL-Menthol is a crystalline compound derived from natural sources like peppermint or menthol crystals. It possesses a refreshing minty aroma and a characteristic cooling sensation when applied to the skin.

Properties of DL-Menthol:

  • Cooling effect: DL-Menthol activates TRPM8 receptors in the skin, creating a cooling sensation.
  • Soothing properties: It can be helpful in relieving minor aches and pains, itching, and irritation.
  • Aromatherapy: The minty scent of DL-Menthol Acetate is invigorating and can be used in aromatherapy applications.
  • Fragrance: It adds a refreshing minty note to various products like perfumes, cosmetics, and household items.

Trusted Source for DL-Menthol in India

With years of industry expertise, our team is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. We continuously explore new applications and advancements to provide you with cutting-edge solutions. We, the top DL-Menthol USP Manufacturer and Supplier adhere to stringent quality control measures to guarantee that our customers receive only the best. Whether you're formulating pharmaceuticals, creating unique flavors, or developing cosmetic products, our DL–Menthol USP is a versatile ingredient that enhances the sensory experience of your end products.

We offer DL-Menthol in various forms to suit your needs:

  • Crystals
  • Flakes
  • Powdered forms

Buy From Us- Best –Menthol Suppliers in India

Contact Arora Aromatics- one of the foremost DL–Menthol Suppliers and Exporters from India, today to learn more about DL-Menthol Acetate and discuss your specific requirements. Our team is happy to assist you in finding the perfect DL-Menthol solution for your application. Ring us now!

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