Nagarmotha / Cypriol

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Arora Aromatics Private Limited takes immense pride in introducing the exquisite Nagarmotha Oil to the global market. As renowned manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters based in India, we bring forth the essence of Nagarmotha Oil, cherished for its multifaceted applications in the fragrance, cosmetic, and therapeutic industries.

Derived from the roots of the Cyperusscariosus plant, Nagarmotha Oil is a testament to nature's bounty. Its deep, earthy aroma adds layers of complexity to perfumes, incense, and scented products. With a commitment to quality, Arora Aromatics ensures the distillation process retains the oil's inherent properties, resulting in a pure and authentic product.

Our reach transcends borders, covering a wide expanse of markets around the world. From the bustling cities of UAE, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, to the vibrant landscapes of Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, our Nagarmotha Oil has found its place. The allure of this aromatic treasure has also captured the attention of buyers in Russia, New York, New Hampshire, America, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Macau, Kuwait, London, Boston, Mansfield, Mexico, Jamaica, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Tanzania.

Arora Aromatics is dedicated to sustainability and quality assurance. Our Nagarmotha Oil stands as a testament to our commitment to harnessing nature's gifts and presenting to the world in the purest form. Join us in experiencing the captivating aroma and versatile applications of Nagarmotha Oil, a treasure that traverse continents and cultures, enriching products and lives alike.

CAS Number 68916-60–9
Quality Cyprene - 20% to 24%

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